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Laser Welding Series

  • Hand held multifunctional laser welding machine

  • Product name Hand held multifunctional laser welding machine

    Model No. XL-MY300D/400D/500D

    Equipment host: 1850*800*1350mm

    Chillers: 750*700*1100mm

    Net weight of the machine:360KG-460KG




Laser welding can be applied to a variety of metals and alloys, steel and other alloy materials between the welding, but also can be applied to copper - brass, copper - titanium, nickel - copper, copper - titanium and many other dissimilar metals welding.

Auto parts industry: engine cylinder gasket; hydraulic tappet sealing welding; filter sealing welding; spark plug welding; valve push rod welding; anti-collision airbag electric detonator sealing welding; crankshaft or cylinder liner heat treatment.

Electronic industry: cell phone battery, power battery shell sealing welding; solid state relay sealing welding; connector data line welding.

Hardware industry: tools, accessories, tableware, lighting fixtures; etc.

Core parameters

 Model No. 




 Laser Power 




 Laser Wavelength


 Pulse Width


 Pulse Frequency


 Welding Spot Diameter 


 Max Welding Depth


 Power Consumption

9KW40A                 14KW60A


 Power Supply

AC220V single phase / AC380V three phase 50HZRO60HZ

AC380V three phase 50HZRO60HZ

 Control System

Industrial PC and CNC motion control software

 Operation Interface

7" LED touch control interface,Chinese/English available

Workbench travel


Handheld fiber optic cable length


Positioning Precision


 Locating System

red laser assistance,fixture/visual locating optional

 Cooling Typed

 external water cooling

 Work Environment

Temp 0~35℃,Humidity5~85%


1、With high depth to width ratio, small weld width, small heat affected area, small deformation, fast welding speed, etc.
2、The weld seam is flat and beautiful, and no treatment is needed after welding.
3, high welding quality, no porosity, can reduce or optimize the impurities of the base material, after welding can refine the weld organization, strength, toughness at least equal to or even more than the base metal.
4、Automation and precise control can be achieved, the laser output power drift is small, the focus spot is small, can be high-precision positioning.
5、Self-rotating fixture can realize the welding of round pipes and other shaped parts.
6、The table can be changed, automatic manual welding can be switched, and various shaped parts can be welded quickly.
7、Handheld head welding can be T-shaped welding, inside corner, outside corner welding. Can spot welding, or continuous welding, used in advertising welding word industry, decorative products industry, etc.

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