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Laser Welding Series

  • Standard laser mould repair machine XL-A200MJ/A300MJ

  • Product name:Standard laser mould repair machine

    Model No. XL-A200MJ/A300MJ

    Equipment size:Equipment host 1400*650*1230mm



    Net weight of the machine:360KG-460KG




Universal laser welding& repairing system was originally designed for mould industry for repairing precision molds, such as mould of digital products, mobile phone, toy, automobile and motorcycle. By applying suitable soldering wires, it is possible to fill the crack or blowholes and reuse the mould which saves production cost and improves working efficiency significantly. This laser welding system also can be used in metal sheet stitching welding, pipe/ tube conjunction welding, and manufacturing of sensor, level switch and fine auto parts, etc.

Core parameters

 Model No. 


 Laser Power 


 Laser Wavelength


 Pulse Width


 Pulse Frequency


 Welding Spot Diameter 


 Max Welding Depth


 Filler Wire Diameter


 Power Consumption

9KW / 12KW 

 Power Supply

AC220V single phase / AC380V three phase 

50 or 60Hz compatible

 Bench Load


 3-axis stroke

X=250mm,Y=100mm,Z=200mm(X,Y manual,Z auto)

Control System

Optional ,PLC Rotation(D80/125)

 Operation Interface

7" LED touch control interface,Chinese/English available

 Positioning Precision


 Locating System

 red laser/CCD monitor system

 Cooling Typed

 external water cooling

Work Environment

Temp 0~35℃,Humidity5~85%


Tailor-made for the mould industry, it introduces German technology and adopts a unique structural design, suitable for the repair of all kinds of large, medium and small moulds.
1.Converging cavity made in UK: corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant, with 8-10 years service life.    
   Every single xenon lamp can stand over 8 million flashings during its lifetime.
  2. Advanced light shielding system can eliminate the irritation to operator’s eyes from laser during work.
  3.The laser output head can rotate for 360°, lift up and down, move left and right, go forward and backward 

  4. The parameters are controlled by intelligent remote controller, which is simple and convenient for any operator

  5. Electric adjustment of the light spot size.

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