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Laser Welding Series

  • Laser Lettering Machine XL-H300/H500

  • Product name:Laser Lettering Machine

    Model No. XL-H300/H500

    Equipment size:Equipment host1850*780*1200mm


    Net weight of the machine:360KG-460KG


         1、with red light to quickly find the welding point, CCD intuitive observation, special fixed focal point position of the fixture, without CCD can be quickly aligned with the focal point welding.
      2、laser welding metal word the biggest characteristic is not rust, long service life, with a strong sense of three-dimensional, high-grade, metallic texture, thickness at will, a strong sense of solemnity, etc., a large number of applications in LED light-emitting words, outdoor high-grade image signs, shopping malls, shop signs, door signs, indoor signage, etc..
    3、laser welding machine processing process without "tool" wear, no "cutting force" role in the workpiece.
    4、laser welding machine processing process, the laser beam energy density is high, fast processing speed, and is a local processing, non-welding parts have no impact or minimal impact. Therefore, its heat-affected zone is small, the font heat deformation is small, the subsequent processing volume is small.
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Laser lettering machine for welding and forming of different sheet metal pieces, AD signs, , stoves, crill cart, food cart, doors & windows, frames, metal furniture, lamp covers, power cases, fire boxes, pipes and etc.
It is suitable for stainless steel, titanium plate, galvanized plate, white iron, titanium steel plate.
Core parameters 

 Model No. 



 Laser Power 



 Laser Wavelength

YAG 1064nm

Pulse Width


Pulse Frequency


Welding Spot Diameter 


Fibre optic cable


5 metres

 Max Welding Depth


 Power Consumption

9KW40A/ 14KW60A

9KW40A/ 16KW60A

Power Supply

AC220V 40A single phase/AC380V60Athree phase /50HZ Ro 60HZ

Bench Size

1000mm x750mm

Operation Interface

7" LED touch control interface,Chinese/English available

Locating System

red laser/CCD monitor system 

Cooling Typed

external water cooling

 Work Environment

Temp 0~35℃,Humidity5~85%